1. Alan Guo

    Hi, I recently bought the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sports, and they are exactly as described in your review! The problem I am having right now is that burrs are forming on the roughly ground edges of the handle part of the knife (when the knives hit each other). I have been using the no spin technique, so I have to brush my finger along the edge/spine of the knife, and the burs are actually cutting my finger. I have tried to file and sand down the burrs, but every time I file and sand then down, multiple new burrs form after the next time I throw, and this is happening even though I only have three of them. Do you have any suggestions? Please respond, thanks!

    • MrB

      Hi Alan,

      I know exactly what you’re talking about.

      What I personally did was wrap the handle of the knife in one layer of athletic cloth tape, like you’d put on a tennis racket. It’s light enough that it doesn’t affect the balance of the knife.

      Hope this helps!

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