Knife Review: Flying Steel Shur-Knife

I’ve been extremely excited to do Flying Steel product reviews for a while now.  For those who do not know,  Flying Steel is company specializing in throwing knives and has an excellent reputation in the knife throwing community.

I recently procured four different models of Flying Steel knives and I am going to review them all over the next two weeks.  I wanted to start with the Shur-knife because it’s unique in the Flying Steel product line and one of the most interesting throwing knives I’ve ever handled.

One of the reasons I’m so excited to do Flying Steel reviews is, well, there don’t seem to be many of them.  Actually, let me be more specific:  I haven’t seen many Flying Steel reviews that are not on Youtube.

(rant) I personally despise Youtube reviews, especially after the Google acquisition and with the new way content providers are rewarded for views.  For those who don’t know, Youtube content providers who monetize their videos now make more the longer a video is watched.  Reviewers are literally being being incentivized to drag their videos out and not get to the point.  What’s more,  I hate being forced to watch a 5 or 10 minute video that doesn’t answer any of my questions.  I greatly prefer being able to skim a blog post or something in written form to screen whether it’s relevant or not.  Sorry for the rant. (/rant)

Hopefully by doing this series on Flying Steel knives, I can educate some folks who may be like me and prefer to avoid Youtube reviews.

The Review

One of the things I most wanted to test on the Flying Steel line is the finish.  The standard, tumbled style finish is very attractive and I found that I could easily find my knives that bounced off into my grass.  Most of my other throwing knives are black and get lost easily.  All of my Flying Steel knives are easy to find and the Shur-Knife is no exception.  However, these knives still need to be taken care of or they will get oxidation.


The picture above (apologies for picture quality) is my Shur-Knife after about a week and a half of throwing.  I was not wiping my knives down after using them nor oiling them up, and as you can see, my sweat from throwing in the September heat caused some corrosion.  As such, I think it might be worth it to order a different finish from Flying Steel (like powder coated) than I did or give them a light coat of oil on use.

However, aesthetics aside, the temper of Flying Steel knives is phenomenal.  In the above picture, the needle sharp point can clearly be seen.  All of my Flying Steel knives have taken as much reasonable abuse as I could give them in a short amount of time and are still structurally perfect.  This is very impressive and proves that all Flying Steel knives have a fantastic heat treat.

Some stats:

  • Length: 12.6 in
  • Mass:  325g
  • Steel:  German 8670
  • Hardness:  50RC


The Shur-Knife is really big.  To illustrate how big, I placed it next to one of my Cold Steel Sure Flight model knives.


As you can see, the Shur-Knife is substantial without being ridiculous.  I think its mass is appropriate for no spin throwing.


On the Flying Steel website, Ralph Thorn, the person who designed the Shur-Knife is quoted:

“These are the best general purpose knives I’ve ever thrown, hands down.  I made a 35 plus foot blade throw easily, 30 foot no spin, underhand blade throw, two at once, wraparounds, even one rotation underhands. All the usual stuff I do. Effortless sticks.”

I completely disagree with part of this quote; I don’t think the Shur-Knife performs well with spinning style throws.  I mostly throw half rotation, military style and I found the Shur Knife to be awkward to use in this style.  I could throw the knife pretty well past about 15 feet with a half spin, but closer than that was difficult.  Plus, this is an unforgiving knife for spinning throws; anything other than near-perfect angles don’t stick well.

Where this knife shines is in no-spin throwing.  What’s more, I find that throwing the Shur-Knife using traditional martial arts throwing methods really made this knife perform well.  In fact, in no spin throws, I felt like the Shur-Knife had damn near laser accuracy.

In the following video as an example, I snap threw a Cold Steel Sure Flight with no spin and aimed at the center of my target.  My Cold Steel knives have inferior QC and weight to Flying Steel knives, so it didn’t surprise me that my aim was off.  Then I threw my Shur-Knife and hit exactly where I was aiming.  This demonstration was pretty indicative of my throwing experiences for the last two weeks.

Using traditional style throws, the Shur-Knife sticks with authority.  I feel like the Shur-Knife is a serious martial arts weapon.  Despite the fact that Flying Steel knives arrive in the mail un-sharpened, the Shur-Knife (when properly thrown) sticks like a beast.  Without much effort, I regularly get over an inch and a half of penetration in my targets with this knife.

For experienced no-spin throwers, I give this knife 4.55 out of 5 stars.  It is the best knife I’ve used for serious martial throwing practice using no spin throws.  Seriously, this knife is legit.  That said, I would not recommend this knife for beginners or people who specialize in rotational throwing.  There are better knifes in the Flying Steel lineup for these folks and I will be reviewing them in the near future.

Will I pick up more Shur-Knife model knives?  No.  My reason is that after handling different models of Flying Steel knives, I feel like there are better options for me personally since I like to vary my throwing styles and I prefer half spin throws.  However, despite the relatively high price point ($45 USD), I highly recommend that people getting into martial throwing or any experienced thrower looking for an interesting, quality knife should pick up a Shur-Knife and check it out.


  1. GUEST

    You lost me with this quote: ” For those who don’t know, Youtube content providers who monetize their videos now make more the longer a video is watched. Reviewers are literally being being incentivized to drag their videos out and not get to the point.” I’ve never heard of this and it makes no sense. A concise video will get more views and subscribers. I’ll click out of a 20 minute review of it drags on and I wouldn’t subscribe. I support knife throwing video reviews because it shows the knife in action. And with knives, it helps to see the particular person’s style and skill level of throwing. Flying Steel also has some of the best prices for custom knives. Their price point should not be compared to that of commercially produced knives.

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