About MrB

I’ll admit it – MrB is not what my friends or family call me.  I’m sure you’re shocked.  I promise I will answer to it on WordSteel, though.

I am an avid gamer, reader, and martial artist.  Once again, I am sure you’re shocked.

I’ve traveled all over the United States, I’ve been lucky enough to see a few other countries as well.  Unfortunately, due to my military background, some of those countries were less hospitable than I would have preferred.

I’m currently lucky enough to have a job that I love.  I have a house full of (mostly well behaved) animals, a fiance who cares about me for some strange reason, and enough geeky memorabilia lying around to open a dealer booth at Dragon*con.

I used to fight in the SCA.  I’ve LARPed, and I’ve been interested in HEMA for a while now.  I basically have way too many hobbies and I wear a lot of hats, including the obligatory, wannabe novelist hat.  Hopefully with WordSteel I can share some of what I know and what I have picked up so anyone with hobbies similar to mine can discover new things!

I look forward to the journey.