About WordSteel


I’m MrB and WordSteel was created for one simple reason:  I could not find the kind of blog I was looking for online.  After complaining about this fact for a couple years, several friends of mine nearly unanimously yelled, “Well, then make your own!”

I was completely new to blogging and website creation when I started this endeavor.  Luckily we live in the 21st century and just about everything is getting easier to do between the plethora of how-to Youtube videos and increasingly user friendly software.

WordSteel is meant to be a blog that includes reviews on books, games, and blades.  There may be a few odd reviews on other things but they’ll be rare.  I want this blog to allow people to discover new things/authors/manufacturers.  I realize that not all my visitors will be interested in all three subjects; this is why I’m attempting to make it easy to sort different categories of posts.

I hope you enjoy it!